About Us

Securing IoT devices since 2016

Founded in 2016, Device Authority is focused on securing connected device ecosystems and is recognized as the global leader in Device Identity Lifecycle Management and Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT). The KeyScaler® platform provides an end-to-end device identity management solution that establishes complete device and data trust in any connected environment. 

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Today’s global supply chains rely on an increasing number of interconnected devices to capture and relay timely data, and with the rise of AI technologies the relationship between device and data trust has become closely interlinked. These devices, often located outside of a secure networked environment, have become a favorite target of bad actors. A single disruption to a production line based on compromised device data has been proven to cost an organization 5% of their annual profits. As the complexity of these connected ecosystems increases, organizations require an automated approach to secure the full lifecycle of their connected devices, ensuring adequate protection from cyber-attacks and enabling sustainable, resilient supply chain operations. 

Device Authority’s cloud first approach to automated supply chain security brings full device lifecycle management to customers, freeing up internal resources for critical tasks, and speeding up incident response. Adhering to Microsoft’s Well Architected Framework for SaaS solutions, and delivering unparalleled capabilities to meet the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Device Authority KeyScaler provides foundational technology for today’s challenge of achieving a Zero Trust security approach and harnessing the power of trusted Artificial Intelligence in your operations. 

What matters to us

  • Simplifying Supply Chain Security 
  • Accelerating our Customers’ Success 
  • Nonstop Innovation 
  • Commitment to Excellence 

Named Microsoft Rising Azure Technology Partner of the Year 2023 and Leader in the Spark Matrix for IoT IAM, 4 years running

That’s right, as well as being named 2023’s Rising Azure Technology Partner of the Year by Microsoftan independent analyst’s report cited Device Authority as the industry leader for the last 4 years! Why? The ingenuity behind our patented technology, our platform’s unique integrated solution, and our unparalleled level of customer satisfaction.

We keep good company

Device Authority is a proud member of respected professional bodies that respond to IoT challenges and set the standard for cybersecurity.