Image for Darron Antill

Darron Antill


Device Authority

Image for Danielle Jablanski

Danielle Jablanski

OT Cybersecurity Strategist

Nozomi Networks

Image for James Penney

James Penney

Chief Technology Officer

Device Authority

Image for Tyler Gannon

Tyler Gannon

Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances

Device Authority

Image for Simon West

Simon West

Director of Customer Engagement


Image for Rob Black

Rob Black

Founder & CEO

Fractional CISO

Image for Stas Minowt

Stas Minowt

VP Sales & Business Development, Automotive – North America

Device Authority

Image for Louise José

Louise José

Senior Marketing Manager

Device Authority

Image for Kaivan Karimi

Kaivan Karimi

Global Partner Strategy, Industry Solutions (IS), Automotive, Mobility, and Transportation


Image for Jennifer Tisdale

Jennifer Tisdale



Image for Amy Chu

Amy Chu

Vice President of Customer Success

Device Authority

Image for Rob Curtin

Rob Curtin

Director, Worldwide Higher Education


Image for Gareth McLaughlin

Gareth McLaughlin

Chief Technology Officer


Image for David Ihrie

David Ihrie

Chief Technology Officer

Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology

Image for Khalil Yazdi

Khalil Yazdi

Chief Strategy Officer

Crossroads Innovation Group

Image for David Breaugh

David Breaugh

Americas Regional Business Lead – Manufacturing


Image for Robert Hann

Robert Hann

Sales VP of Digital Security


Image for Robert Dobson

Robert Dobson

VP Technology Partners

Device Authority

Image for Mike Kimmel

Mike Kimmel

Senior Solutions Architect


Image for Julio Merette

Julio Merette

Director of Pre Sales Engineering

Device Authority

Image for Emin Ogur

Emin Ogur

IoT Architect

Digital Catapult

Image for Alastair Williamson

Alastair Williamson


Wyld Networks

Image for Ben Benson

Ben Benson

VP Technical Operations

Device Authority

Image for Benson George

Benson George

Product Marketing Director, CodeSign Protect