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Knowing if, and when, an intruder has made his way into your organization is critical to minimize damage and fallout. Using an intelligence-driven approach, defenders can uncover cyberattacks at the early stage of planning and thwart an invasion that is in progress. In this fireside chat, Device Authority and CYFIRMA will take delegates into the dark web of the hacking community, unravel threat indicators and discuss atypical attack vectors presented by IoT adoption.

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External Threat Landscape Management (ETLM) Whitepaper

The neuro-center of cyber-defense guides risk mitigation strategies and enables seamless integration into security toolsets to strengthen cyber posture.​ Intelligence from the neuro-center can effect change across business and technology domains, giving security leaders the much-needed advantage over cyber-adversaries.

  • Can you identify your organization’s external threats?
  • How confident are you that your current threat intelligence is effective in defending your critical infrastructures?
  • Are your threat intelligence tools integrated and operating seamlessly to provide complete visibility of your digital footprint?
  • What impact do geopolitical developments have on your cyber risks?
  • Will your recent digital projects introduce cyber risks to your business?​

Download the External Threat Landscape Management (ETLM) whitepaper here.

DeCYFIR, External Threat Landscape Management (ETLM) Platform Datasheet

Download available when viewing ‘Fighting the Unseen Enemy’ live or on demand.

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